Family Fur

Gap Jeans | Faux Fur Ear Muffs (sold out)| Urban Outfitters Scarf (sold out) (similar)| North Face Mittens | Sorrel Boots

This winter season I have really been into statement jackets and coats. One of my favorite places to find a new piece of outerwear is my mom’s coat closet. This lady may have more coats than anyone else I know. The one that I am wearing in these pictures caught my eye on this day because it was warm as could be and we were about to go out into the woods when the windchill was -30 degrees. It wasn’t until my mom saw me wearing the coat until I found out how special it really was. It happens to be my great grandma’s coat from the 60s. It has been passed down to my mom who wears it now (along with me). It is so special to me that the coat has remained in the family. Some of my favorite pieces of clothing are the ones that hold memories. I always think about when I wore certain clothing and it makes me think back to some of my happiest days. Wearing this coat makes me think of my great grandma and the wonderful lady she was and that makes me pretty happy as well.

My tip to you is to wear clothes that make you happy!



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